Case Study

Emano Flow unlocks remote care via advanced practitioners

The problem

For a 78-year-old man living more than 200 miles from his urology clinic, obtaining a simple uroflow measurement meant a grueling 6-hour round trip to see his doctor. To make matters worse, this in-clinic uroflow only yielded one sample and was often not representative of the patient's variable urinary flows.

The solution

By sending an email with simple instructions, the clinic was able to remotely set up the patient with Emano Flow, providing a convenient solution without the need for in-person assistance. Emano Flow captured the patient’s natural variability in flow metrics, giving the provider a more complete picture of the patient’s urinary health.

The impact

• The process, which would have previously required the patient to visit the clinic in person, was successfully conducted entirely remotely.

• Emano Flow saved the physician’s valuable time by empowering the physician assistant (PA) to conduct a telehealth visit and discuss lifestyle changes with the patient.

• The patient was able to save over six hours of drive time and gain confidence in their treatment without the need for an in-person visit.

"This has got to be much more valuable to the doctor because the in-office uroflow only gave them a 1 time urine flow chart for them to look at over the last four months."
Hank |  Patient, age 78

"When you come to the clinic, the first thing you have to do is go to the bathroom. But sometimes you don't really have to pee so then they don't have a good result to go by."
Hank |  Patient, age 78

Patient app recording sound of urination
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