Leveraging AI and Informatics in Urology: Insights from Dr. Steven A. Kaplan's AUA Lecture

Avery Bush
May 31, 2023
2 min read


At the recent American Urological Association (AUA) conference, Dr. Steven A. Kaplan, a leading figure in the field of urology, delivered a thought-provoking lecture on the future of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) care. This article aims to encapsulate the key points from Dr. Kaplan's lecture, exploring the roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI), informatics, and the current trends in BPH diagnosis and treatment, with a nod to how Emano Flow aligns with these advancements.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in BPH Management

Dr. Kaplan emphasized the importance of harnessing the power of AI in managing BPH, a common condition affecting many men worldwide. He elaborated on how AI can be deployed in a multitude of ways, from analyzing medical images for diagnosis to predicting patients at higher risk, right through to assisting surgeons in BPH procedures. He suggested that AI holds the potential to transform the field of urology significantly, and this assertion aligns strongly with our work at Emano Flow. We have been pioneering AI-based solutions for remote uroflowmetry and patient monitoring, reaffirming our commitment to technological innovation in urological health.

BPH Informatics: Shaping Patient-Centric Care

Informatics, according to Dr. Kaplan, holds immense potential in the management of BPH. He pointed out the need for more reliable and comprehensive information sources, especially for underserved communities. By creating a better-informed patient base, Dr. Kaplan envisions improved health outcomes and better management of BPH. At Emano Flow, we share this vision. We are committed to making our technology accessible and informative, ensuring that patients of all demographics can manage their health more effectively.

Shift Towards Non-Invasive and Remote Diagnosis for BPH

Dr. Kaplan's lecture also touched upon the future of BPH diagnostics. He foresees a significant shift towards non-invasive and remote diagnostic methodologies, a change that is set to revolutionize the treatment and management of BPH. The advent of new reimbursement codes for remote monitoring indicates the dawn of a new era in remote diagnostics. Emano Flow is pioneering this domain, with our innovative solutions in remote uroflowmetry and patient monitoring.

Embracing the Future of Urology

In conclusion, Dr. Kaplan's lecture at the AUA conference provided a clear vision of the exciting future of urology. His call to action was clear: "The future is going to be amazing. Be a part of it!" At Emano Flow, we are eager to continue aligning our work with these visions, striving to shape the future of urological health.

Incorporating the concepts and strategies laid out by leaders like Dr. Kaplan, we continue to provide innovative solutions for patients, pushing the boundaries of AI and informatics in urology. As we look ahead, we are enthusiastic about the advances in BPH management and our role in contributing to this vibrant field.

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Article Author
Avery Bush
Avery graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in biology and minors in chemistry and computer information technology. Her undergraduate studies provided her with a solid foundation in analytical thinking and helped develop her attention to detail. As a member of the Emano Flow team, Avery is committed to providing excellent outcomes for patients and providers and is always striving to improve her knowledge and skills. Outside of work, Avery enjoys exploring Oregon's natural beauty with her dog Guppy and is always on the lookout for new trails and hidden gems to discover.
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